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Why Isn’t There a Seam on the Color Wheel?   Creative Mind at Brown University

What do Science and Art have to offer each other?  Everett company stages school

RISD Museum presents Spencer Finch: Painting Air: Co-sponsored by Center for Vision Research


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This was a very popular & well attended lecture given by Anthony Barnhart during the

month of November. Left to right:  Anthony Barnhart, Michael Paradiso, John Davenport. 

Photo credit: Tracey Maroni


The Center for Vision Research

at the

Brown Institute for Brain Science



CVR 2014-2015 Lecture Series 

Save the Date!

Wed, April  8 2015

Marcuvitz Auditorium

Sidney Frank Hall

for Life Science

Bruno Olshausen

Helen Wills Neuroscience Institute & School of Optometry

University of CA,  Berkeley

Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience