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CVR 2015-2016 Lecture Series

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Tuesday, Sept 29th

3:30 reception | 4 PM lecture

Smith Buonanno 106

"Spatial and temporal integration in visual


Gabriel Kreiman, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of Ophthalmology and Neurology

Children’s Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School

Program in Biophysics, Program in Neuroscience

Center for Brain Science, Harvard University

Swartz Center for Theoretical Neuroscience

Center for Minds, Brains and Machines, Harvard-MIT


Visual recognition typically involves integrating information

over space and time. I will describe our efforts to study

spatiotemporal integration in humans at the physiological,

behavioral and computational levels. In one of the studies

that I will describe, we examined recognition of partially

occluded images where interpretation requires integrating

information over space and extrapolating from partial

information. In the second study, we presented object parts

asynchronously and evaluated how this temporal

asynchrony affects visual recognition. Together with other

work in the field, these studies provide initial steps to

constrain the mechanisms by which visual representations

can be assembled via spatiotemporal integration.