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CVR 2014-2015 Lecture Series begins Nov 6!

Thursday,  Nov 6

Anthony Barnhart, Ph.D.

Department of Psychological Sciences

College of Social & Behavioral Sciences

Northern Arizona University

Blinded by the magic: Understanding attention and perception

through the methods of magicians

Abstract: Recent years have seen widespread interest in and call

for a “science of magic” that explores the psychological insights

and methods of magicians. Magicians can be thought of as

informal cognitive scientists who regularly test their hypotheses in

the real world. As such, their folk psychology theories can provide

a valuable resource for cognitive scientists, both to inform formal

theories of the mind and to inspire new, ecologically valid

experimental methods. In his talk, Dr. Barnhart will deconstruct

some of the techniques that magicians use to manipulate

awareness through the exploitation of attentional and pre-attentive

processes. Along the way, he will discuss his own research that

provides important insights into the relationship between eye-

movements and awareness as well as the deployment of attention

in time rather than in space.

Marcuvitz Auditorium, Sidney Frank Hall

3:30pm reception |  4pm lecture